my world

The world I live in is my world.

The life I live is my world.

Every second belongs to me.

And it's me, deciding how I spent my lifetime.


When I experienced, that I can control my life only with my thoughts, I created my life new, just as I imagined.

If this works with me, you can do it too.


And together we will create a new world, a world just as we imagine.



Listen to your heart.


And you will be automatically part of our new world.


And this is how our world looks like:


Our new world is like paradise.

In our world everyone is happy.

In our world can never be war.

In our world there is enough for evryone, because people create what they want with their thoughts and the only borders are their own phantasies.

So in our world everything is possible.

In our world we are a big family.

In our world people laugh a lot!

In our world we love differences.

In our world grow magic fruits on the trees.

In our world evrybody's relaxed.

In our world the sun shines every day.

In our world people love their world and take care of it very well.

The strongest powers in our world are love and phantasy.

In our world people manage difficulties together and develop themselves.

In our world every body is optimistic.

Our world is wonderful.



Everything we think of, is carried into our life. If we believe in our world, our world will look like this soon.


We are dreamers.

But remember, everything starts every time with a dream, a thought, a vision.