Music for Life e.V.

Non-Profit Organisation to do music projects

When I came back from a 3 month stay in Kenya last year, I really wanted to change something in this world.


I've been wondering about all the injustice, searching for a solution, but in the end I only thought, this world is just horrible and mean.


When I had fun I felt miserable about it, because for me it wasn't fair, that I was happy and others weren't.


But I'm allowed to be happy. I should be. As long as I do something to make other people happy too.


I wondered what would make a unhappy person happy.


The answer was music!


Music can give hope. Music can make people strong. And people need to be strong to take the responsibilty for their lifes.


Our task is, to make the childen and teenagers so strong, that they believe in themselves again and in their abilities.

You know, if somebody is caged and always thinking about how mean it is that he is, his situation won't improve. But if he's searching for a solution, if he believes in his own freedom, fate or whatever we call it, will help him find a way.

But it's not easy to be optimistic in times of trouble.

This is why we need the music. Music reaches straight to your heart. And if the music is positive and encouraging, it will empower the people.


So I decided to do music projects with children and teenagers around the world, who lack hope and joy of living. This is why I founded the non-profit organisation "Music for Life e.V."

Right now we're still planning and it is so great, that so many people together stand up and use their possibilities for this. I'm absolutely thankful for every single person helping us.


The world changes in little steps. Piece by piece, step by step. And the more people walking in the right direction, the sooner we get there. :)


We already had 3 benefitconcerts and I'm writing the conception. It's my Bachelorthesis. :)


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